64548967_2280149335386489_6113069713091198976_nShane and Liz live in the tiny community of Oglesby, (somewhat near Waco, Texas) population 452! And, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Liz has always had a need to express her creativity and through the years has done so in a wide range of ways. From throwing parties, decorating, cooking and crafting, she has been able to fulfill all her wildest creative ideas.

Shane has farming in his blood, literally! He grew up on a 200 acre farm, growing tomatoes, melons and squash. In Oglesby, they do not live on near that many acres, but Shane still stays busy keeping the vegetable garden going, in addition to raising ornamental pumpkins and succulents, they sell at area Farmers’ Markets and Festivals.

This page serves as a little glimpse into our Small Town Life!